The movie of your life

Online course – 21.-23. March 2022

Dansk version

How to produce an invaluable genealogy for your descendants.

In many of our homes are large amounts of old photographs, and perhaps also slides and videos from many decades, if we have not already digitized them and stored them on our computers. In lots of cabinets and chest of drawers are irreplaceable memories from when the children were small, from the big birthdays and anniversaries, from the holiday trip, Christmas in the lap of the family, the confirmation, the student party – not to mention the small moods of everyday life as it once was, and as it is today.

Once you have reached senior age, you have a whole source of stories that you can generously scoop from. But often it is only in the small fragments: grandfather who tells a story from when he went to school – the teenage girls who look in the family album at grandma – stories and pictures that the younger family members still recognize and like, but which eventually will get lost when we are gone and new generations come.

With computer and mobile phone, we have been given a unique opportunity to create a special and lasting document for our descendants – the story of our lives in pictures, scanned documents, audio recordings of our voices and perhaps an explanatory text – gathered in a film for our descendants.

But how do you do that?

In March 2022, Editshop Arts will make a free online course targeted at anyone who might want and need help collecting their memories in video form. The course will give you good advice and tips on how to become a producer on the movie about your own life with the help of a good computer and investment in the video editing program Pinnacle.

You only know the story yourself. But we will give you the tools to structure it.

We will also show you how you can easily transfer and edit your video recordings so that they present themselves invitingly and professionally with beautiful transitions and effects of vision and sound.

We want to show you that even though you may not have live footage but “only” photographs, you can easily create a fine and entertaining reportage film with great historical value for the family.

And finally, you will be able to put your very personal stamp on your greeting to later generations by being the narrating voice, yes, maybe even the visible studio host, throughout your film.

The course will be announced here on Facebook, where you can both sign up and follow the course – just as you will also be able to sign up and participate via this page when we go online this spring. Info about dates and times will come in January.