Working title for our new project: The parallel universe


Once upon a time there were two playful angels who desperately wanted a playground. And the Lord created for them a vacuum that they could frolic in. Then he took a glowing celestial stone and breathed creative dust into it. From his large casting vessel he took a damp lump of clay and pressed it well around the heavenly stone. – Fly, ball, fly, said the Lord, – and give my two playful angels something to deal with.

And the clay ball with the glowing celestial stone hovered in the great vacuum. The two playful angels looked at it with admiration. They saw how it first hovered aimlessly around, how it began to get caught in an arcuate motion – at first in a large circle, then slowly smaller and smaller, until the circular motion had almost disappeared. Only quite a few vibrations remained, like a quiet cradle, just before it hung quite still – in the middle of the empty vacuum.

– I do not think so, replied the other playful angel. – No, on the contrary, I think it’s actually happening now. Do you not feel that the silence and the immobility in particular signal that something new will happen?

And just as it was said, it happened. The brown clay ball changed color, a faint blush ran like thin rays out in the lines of the surface, spreading and spreading, getting deeper and deeper, until the ball was finally utterly burning and glowing in its expression. Pouf, it said then, pouf! The two playful angels withdrew a little startled. What happened now? Pouf, pilafffff! Small fireballs flew out of the ball in all directions, the clay masses tore loose and followed the new trajectories of the fireballs, some flew in parallel, others crashed into each other, into the fireballs, swirled around, tossed around as in a flying dance.

Then the clay balls began to fly in circular motions, around the fireballs. Around each fireball danced a circle of bullets in swirling rings, large and small circles. The fireballs with their dancing friends of clay continued in different directions – outwards, outwards – still further away from each other. – What happens when the bullets hit the limits of the vacuum? asked the first playful angel. – Then they will probably turn around and come back again, replied the other playful angel.

But then they discovered that the boundaries of the vacuum were moving, expanding, opening the way for the small and large ball groups that required more and more space as they all moved apart. – If we stay here, they will all fly away from us, said the first playful angel. – So let’s catch them, said the other playful angel. And they stretched out their chubby hands after the flying bullets, but the bullets did not stop. They hit the little angels’ fingers with small slaps, the angels sore, breathed on their fingertips, and then they began to cry.

Our Lord saw that the two little playful angels were unhappy, so he came to comfort them. – Fly with one of them, said the Lord, – fly with one of the clay balls, and you will see where it ends. – How can we fly with a clay ball? asked the first playful angel. “We are too big to sit on clay balls,” said the other playful angel. But the Lord allowed them to grow small, to transform into just what they wanted, so that they could be on one of the small clay balls. And they could transform over and over again for as long as they wanted, right to the end of the clay ball. “Then I will go with this one,” said the first playful angel, pointing to one of the lumps of clay. – Yes, this one is beautiful, this one I want too, said the other playful angel and also pointed.

The clay ball on which they were pointing had already flown for a while and had come a long way from them. They thought this one was nicer than the others. It was like a sphere of transformation that shone in different colors as it revolved around its fireball and around itself. But the strongest of all its colors was the blue color. It spread as if in a dream, a sea of mystery that made the two playful angels curious about what was hidden on that particular clay ball. – The blue planet, said the Lord. – It’s called Terra, it’s a good choice, you have to fly with it. What will you be on the flight?

The two playful angels could not think of anything, so the Lord had to choose for them.

– You, my first playful angel, said the Lord, – you must be a fly.

Our Lord made his one playful angel quite small, shaped it like a fly and put it on the blue planet, which he called Terra.

Then the Lord turned to the other playful angel, who sat and twisted his finger around the tip of his one wing in bare excitement and fidgeting.

– And you, my other playful angel, said the Lord, – you must be a cat.

Our Lord made his other playful angel quite small, shaped it like a cat and put it on the blue planet, which he called Terra.

And so the two playful angels were carried by the Lord’s hands down through the veil of blue, were put into a noisy swarm of life, one like a fly, the other like a cat.

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