New project starts Monday

From Monday, Editshop Arts will begin an artistic video production with elements of visual art, music, poetry and documentary. The film is thought to be structured as a global collage, where a circle of people from theoretically the whole world must be able to contribute with their own products and ideas.
The project is in its infancy, and the circle of participants is still limited but will be sought to be expanded continuously via invitations locally and across national borders.

As a starting point, the content and action of the finished product will be unknown, even to ourselves. But we expect that the material that emerges along the way will eventually draw one or more patterns or trends that will inspire us to manuscript, screenplay, own recordings and editing of a whole.

The online contact between all participating parties will not take place on social media, but during the process, small teaser trailers will be produced that will tell a little about the development, and these will be posted every month on e.g. Facebook.

We hope you will follow us and feel free to send us questions.

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